Electric Mountain Bike - RANGER

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It’s called the RANGER!  An electric mountain bike that is nimble and quick.  The battery is centrally located inside the downtube for enhanced appearances and handling.  Twenty six inch tires feel familiar as they grip the earth.  Whether on a dirt trail or a paved path, you won’t know how much fun you are missing out on until you climb on the RANGER.     A 300 Watt motor delivers enough power to keep you moving along at a great pace.  The Lithium battery powers this rig and it is more than sufficient.  This bike has rider assist and full raw throttle.  Assist is used by selecting one of the levels of assist.  The higher the level, the more assistance the motor gives you.  It’s as if every second or third pedal stroke someone is giving you a big push from behind.  The level of assist that you have it set on determines how big of a push.  This bike can also be used with the assist off and by throttle alone.  You pedal along until you want a little help and then you give yourself a boost by turning the throttle. 

Specs –

26” x 1.95” NAKTO RANGER Mountain Bike, Disc Brakes, Shimano Tourney 6 spd Drive Chain with throttle and pedal assist.  Internally mounted battery.

Motor:  Aoma 300W Brushless Rear Hub

Battery:  Lithium 36V  10Ah Tianneng

Max Speed: 19 mph (governed)

Range:  25 miles per charge on assist

Charging Time: 4-6 hours  (notebook computer type charger)

Battery Life:  600 charges

Warranty:  Motor and Battery 1 year from purchase date