Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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E-bike conversions for bikes with 26" wheels, 700c wheels, 29" wheels

This covers most mountain bikes, cruisers, and hybrids!

The picture shows this conversion kit installed on a mountain bike.  

**Bike NOT included.**  Labor for conversion IS included in price locally.

Specs –  

MOTOR:  Gearless Direct Drive Front Hub Motor  500 Watts.  Gearless means this motor is like a drill or clothes dryer motor.  It has a copper winding with no parts to break or wear out.  Maintenance free with almost zero chance of failure.  The motor is 500 Watts which is the sweet spot in terms of motor size.  It will pull you up a hill and provides significant torque but it does not unnecessarily drain battery power like larger motors.  Why front wheel motor?  Because flat tires are inevitable.  It is much easier to remove the front wheel since you don't have to deal with gears or a chain.  How does front wheel drive feel?  Same as a car.  You don't really notice.  It just pulls you along.

BATTERY:   Size:  36V  14Ah -  Made with ONLY name brand lithium cells by LG, SAMSUNG, or PANASONIC.  Recharge 800 - 1000 times.  (Compare to generic batteries which recharge 400 - 500 times)

CONTROLLER / WIRE HARNESS / E-COMPONENTS:  Waterproof and dummy proof color coded connectors.  Plug green into green, etc.  No guessing.  No wire splicing unlike other controllers and wire harnesses provided with standard kits.  Brake sensors are compatible with both rim brakes and disc brakes.  Eight function LCD display with speed, distance, battery level, assist level and more.

PEDAL ASSIST / THROTTLE:  Five levels of pedal assist.  Select a speed 1 - 5, begin pedaling and motor will intermittently power up to maintain the selected  speed.  Similar to cruise control.  Additionally a thumb throttle allows you to accelerate at will.  Turn the pedal assist off and ride it like a normal bike.  Need a boost to get up a hill or want to pass a group of slower riders?  Hit the throttle and cruise on by.

SPEED: 22 mph 

RANGE:  20 miles electric only.  ~60 mile PAS (pedal assist mode)

CHARGING TIME: 4-6 hours  (notebook computer type charger)

BATTERY:  800 - 1000 cycles