Bionik Sleeveless Wetsuit Unisex

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Made of the Yamamoto # 39 with SCS all over the wetsuit. Unisex Sizing. Thickness 4.5 mm

Larger arm openings and lower collar design makes this suit non restrictive on the shoulders for easier swimming and superior overall swim experience. 
  • Lower Collar Design
  • Express Opening System
  • Friction Free Collar
  • Flexible Zipper

For sleeveless models, ladies should take their chest size into account as it may be necessary to choose one to two sizes under to make sure the neoprene is nice and tight in front. Otherwise, once in the water, the neoprene will expand, increasing drag and diminishing performance.

A proper fitting wetsuit will be snug on the chest and be comfortable through the full swimming range of motion. Aquaman wetsuits are renowned and appreciated for being the most comfortable triathlon wetsuit, and proper sizing contributes to the best fit and performance.