Dual Behind Saddle Aero Bottle Rack with Bright Red LED & CO2 Inflator

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Valdora's behind saddle hydro rack includes hydro rack,  two  bottle cages, bright red LED tail light and a CO2 inflator.  It keeps your bottles and CO2 cartridges out of the wind, thus reducing drag. The bright red LED tail light has three settings.  Steady flash, slow flash or constant light. Excellent for morning and evening rides. It is a behind the saddle hydration system that is must have for racing or training rides. An extra bottle to replenish your between the aerobar bottle during races. Maybe a shot of the hi carb nutrition that you will need. Or a modified bottle to carry an extra tube, tools, patch kit....whatever you can think of, carry it here.  Lightweight cnc'd alloy, tough and easy to adjust.  Everything you need to train and race with confidence! Two threaded holes that will accept CO2 cartridges have been added to this latest model! We ship this product by USPS Air. Usually one business day for order fulfilment and 2-3 for it to reach your home or business. Not for use with carbon 7 x 9 mm (not round) saddle rails.