About us

Consumer Products LLC., Doing Business As  V3Tri.com, is the exclusinve online retailer of Valdora framesets and bicyles.  V3Tri.com is dedicated to supplying Valdora product to customers who do not have access to a local dealer stocking Valdora product.  Located in the Scottsdale, AZ, V3Tri.com works closely with Valdora to ensure accurate and fast order fulfilment.

The V3Tri team strives for excellence!  Whether you are interested in a complete bicycle or a single bottle cage, we will do our best to help you select the optimum product for your specific needs.  With years of experience in cycling and triathlon competition and gear, you can count on a great experience.

Interested in opening and operating a brick and mortar V3Tri Valdora store in your town or city?  Contact Valdora directly for details.   assist@valdoracycles.com .