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  • Valodra Kids Road / Triathlon Bike

    Valdora Kids Road / Triathlon Bike

  • FlipBelt
  • V3Tri Bikes & Gear is also www.Scottsdale-Greenbelt-Bike-Rental.com Located just 30 feet from the greenbelt bike path,  we rent cruisers for easy cruising through approximately 12  beautiful miles of parks and golf courses. Park your car in our lot and ride the greenbelt for the day.   Details provided below -                                       

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    The V-Blade is the same seatpost supplied with the full carbon PHX aero bike!  Aero profile!

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  • Hi neighbor.  V3Tri Bikes & Gear offers bicycle repairs and tune ups.  Flat tire?  Wheel it over.  We can help with that.

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    The FlipBelt is a really simple but revolutionary product to go hands free. The four pockets lets you easily tuck in your phone, keys, gel packs, credit cards or whatever you may need for your workout. You then flip the belt inside out and everything gets locked in place. 

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    Aerodynamic, functional, and comfortable. A one piece sleeveless triathlon suit for all triathlons - super sprint to full iron distance.  Sleeveless for an unrestricted faster swim.  Compression fit for performance.

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    Single bottle rear hydration system.

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    Rear hydration system that holds 3 water bottles and CO2 cartridges. 

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    Rear hydration system with multiple possible configurations.

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